Newsweek’s Disgrace

Last week Newsweek’s cover story, “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage”, was not surprising but it was embarrassing for Newsweek.  Are they incredibly wanting of attention to their magazine?  It is almost like a child who wants so badly to be recognized and loved that they will do anyting for the attention they crave.  Has subscriptions sunk so low that Newsweek is moving into desparation mode?  One has to wonder.

Here are some retuations of the article that worth noting……..

Albert Mohler’s is here.  Also his discussion about this article on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” you can find here.  Here is how Al Mohler characterizes his discourse with Amy Miller (Newsweek author) on NPR  as posted on his blog –

I appreciate Lisa Miller’s candid acknowledgment of the fact that the November 4 passage of Proposition 8 in California had just about everything to do with the timing of the story. Beyond that, I appreciated her explanation of her argument for same-sex marriage. In essence, her dichotomy between those who see the Bible as a document with a “living” interpretation and those who see it as a binding document gets to the heart of the issue. As much as no evangelical I know would ever accept the dichotomy framed this way, she does explain her own perspective well. She believes the Bible contains “universal themes” that should be preserved, but no binding rules that are to be obeyed.

That does clarify the issue. Her understanding of biblical authority (if you can even call it that) allows her to deny the truth status of passages she prefers to disregard.


Mollie from also has a good piece.

Read the article from Newsweek for yourself if you would like.  Then you can understand the outrage.

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